Foam Concrete is a type of light weight concrete, which is manufactured from cement, concreting sand, water and the foam. Which consists of minimum 20% of foam, that is mechanically entrained into the concrete



Additional Information

Foam concrete is:-

Fire resistant and its thermal acoustical properties make it ideal for a wide range of purposes. from insulating floors and roofs to void filling.It is also partically useful for trench reinstatement. The utility companies, water, gas, electric use it for this as when poured into the trench it expands and is self levelling making it easy to lay.

A few applications of foam concrete:-

Bridge approach, embankments, filling old pipes, wells and shafts, also ideal for temporary paths sub bases, hard standings etc due to it being non structual concrete (low strength) easy to dig up.


to fill old sewers, basments, storage tanks, voids, and sink holes caused by rain. When used in void filling, foam concrete can be classed as flowable fill, controlled low strength material (CLSM) or low density control low strength material which is (LDCLSM)

Foam concrete is non structual concrete due to the expanding nature.

Also ideal for fire breaks 

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